Monday, 22 January 2018

Movers and Packers Lucknow

We Cover All Your Packing and Moving Needs
In these times of economic uncertainty we realize that money is tight and the prospect of paying for a professional relocation may seem almost like a shouldn’t...

Full Service Relocation

A full service relocation involves the packing of all of your smaller items into cartons, disassembly of items such as beds, dressers with mirrors, and the loading of these cartons and all of your possessions onto our moving Trak. We then drive to your new home or business and unload all items and cartons into the rooms of your choice, unpack the cartons we packed, set up the items we disassembled and remove all cartons and packaging for disposal. This type of move is generally conducted over a one or two day period (size dependent) and is charged at an hourly rate. 

Local Residential Moving
Moving supplies available for residential relocation
Highest quality furniture pads
Mattress bags and free wardrobes for all of your hanging clothes for the day of
your relocation

Contact Details
Service Tax Registration No. : AAHCM7751NSD001
Service Tax Category: Under Transport Agency
+91 9415026922
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